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About Linda Maki
"Truck paintings, pastry paintings, colorful paintings...."
I work in the San Francisco Bay Area and beyond.
I love the aching nostalgia and loneliness found in abandoned old trucks and machinery, often discovered on a road trip.

I have an ongoing pastry series painted in oil right onto discarded cookie sheets and trays . These “canvases” have a kitchen’s history baked right in.

 I am available for no-risk commissions and custom murals.

The paths I have taken in my artwork are linked by a love of color and contrast. (And things in rows such as pastries lined up in the case.)

Though I often paint from photos I have taken, I also find beautiful outdoor spots and paint “alla prima”, in one session from nature. (When I see something that I want to paint, I feel a tiny thrill in my heart. That’s how I find my subjects.)

A lifetime of drawing and sketching since I was little led me to my current main medium: oil painting.  I still love sketching people though. 


I have studied with Adam Wolpert, Maddine Insalaco, Ben Brotherton and Jennifer McChristian.

My art is in collections in Atlanta, Dallas, Connecticut, Montana, Santa Fe, San Francisco and other locations.


I hope you enjoy my artwork.  I'd love to hear from you. 



  • April 2023 Juried :"4 Macaroons #4" Art Works Downtown

  • March 2023 Juried. "Yellow Rowboat" SVOS Preview Show. Mohr Gallery CSMA, Mt View CA

  • Feb 2023 Juried. "Gas Pump Globes" in "Seen & Imagined" Gallery Route One, Pt Reyes Sta CA

  • August 2022  Solo Show, Los Altos CA Library

  • July 2022 1st Place Fine Arts Galeria SM Co Fair "Red Truck in Town".

  • July 2022 3rd Place Fine Arts Galeria SM Co Fair "Stage Stop, San Gregorio"

  • May 14-15 2022 Silicon Valley Open Studios

  • May 2022 Members Show Pacific Art League, juried. "Dino"

  • March 2022 Juried "Womens View" show, Caldwell Gallery, Redwood City CA

  • September 2021 Silicon Valley Open Studios

  • June 2021-- First Place Award: “Yellow Rowboat” First Place Award: “Duncan, Arizona”, Second Place Award: “Sausalito GMC” Fine Arts Galleria, San Mateo County Fair

  • May 2021 Solo Virtual Show, Mendocino Art Center, Mendocino, CA

  • December 2020: Members Shows Pacific Art League and O'Hanlon Center for the Arts

  • November 2020 "Dodge, Lahaina" in Juried show "Golden Hour", O'Hanlon Center for the Arts, Mill Valley, CA

  • May 13-31 2020 Peninsula Outdoor Painters, Show Twin Pines Ctr, Belmont

  • November 2019 Artisan’s Bazaar 1st Cong. Church, Palo Alto

  • June/July 2019 Lobby Gallery solo show Burlingame Parks & Rec

  • May 15-30 2019 Plein Air Impressions Twin Pines Art Ctr. Belmont

  • May 4-5 2019 Silicon Valley Open Studios

  • March 2019 Juried Members show Pacific Art League

  • December 2018 Solo show Los Altos Library

  • June 2018 2nd Place Award San Mateo County Fair for “Willys and the Airstream”

  • May 2018 Silicon Valley Open Studios

  • December 2017 juried “Holiday Show” Pacific Art League, Palo Alto CA

  • July 2017 juried “Summertime” Pacific Art League, Palo Alto CA

  • May 2017 Silicon Valley Open Studios

  • April 2017 juried “Women’s View 2017”.Caldwell Gallery, Redwood City CA

  • March 2017 juried “Fins, Feathers and Furs”. Pac Art League, Palo Alto CA

  • September 2016 juried “Delicious” Studio Gallery, San Francisco

  • June 2016 1st Place Award San Mateo County Fair“Driftwood, Texas”

  • June 2016 3rd Place Award San Mateo County Fair ““Truck, Isleton”

  • July 2015Little Bee Bakery, San Francisco. Solo show

  • May 2015 Café 78, San Francisco. “Treats”.Solo show

  • Mar 2011 juried “Women’s View 2011”. Caldwell Gallery Redwood City CA

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